Dra. Claudia Moyà Petit

Academic training

  • Dentistry Degree at Complutense University, Madrid. 2012.
  • Master’s Degree in Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics, University of Sevilla. July 2016.
  • Master’s Degree in Orthodontics and Multidisciplinary Dentofacial Orthopedics, University of Sevilla. July 2017.
  • Master’s Degree final Thesis (Evaluation and comparison of root resorption with two types of microimplant-assisted rapid palatal expansion appliances using CBCT).

Scientific publications/communications

  • First author of the article “The reabsorption of root during orthodontic treatment”, published in the journal of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics (Spanish Orthodontics).
  • First author of the article “Changes in the form of lower arch with fixed low friction apparatus”, published in the Spanish Journal of Orthodontics.

Attendance at courses and conferences


  • IV SEDA Congress. September 2019, Malaga.
  • Certified in Linguistic Technique Win System.
  • Dental Radio diagnostic Facilities Manager.
  • An innovative material for 21st century orthodontics”, Dr. Teresa Cobo. March 2019, Madrid.
  • “Mini-marathon of craniomandibular orthodontics”, Dr. Alejandra Londoño and Dr. Miguel Assis. January 2019, Sevilla.


  • IV International Symposium on Orthodontics of the University of Salamanca. January 2018, Madrid.


  • 14th Meeting of the EPSOS (European Postgraduate Student Orthodontic Society), with presentation of a clinical case. June 2017, Montreaux.
  • Introduction to the CCO system. Dr. Covadonga Álvarez. June 2017, Sevilla.
  • Damon System Dr. Rafael García Espejo. April and May 2017, Seville.
  • Facial aesthetics, occlusion and orthognathic surgery. Dr. David González. April 2017, Seville.
  • Periodontal considerations and the interdisciplinary relationship, Dr. Buchmann. April 2017, Seville.
  • Orthodontic micro screws. Part 1 and 2, Dr. Javier Prieto. April and June 2017, Seville.
  • Orthodontics and aesthetics, Dr. Javier Prieto. February 2017, Seville.


  • 24th Winter Meeting of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics. November 2016, Madrid.
  • 62nd Congress of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics, with presentation of the poster “Three-dimensional evaluation of the transverse dendoskeletal effects and root resorption of a hybrid circuit breaker using CBCT: A case report”. June 2016, Seville.
  • The transversal problem: diagnosis and treatment, Dr. Javier Prieto. December 2016, Seville.
  • Class III limit camouflage in adults, Dr. Alberto Albaladejo. October 2016, Seville.
  • Extraction mechanics, Dr. Javier Prieto. October 2016, Seville.
  • Practical workshop of micro screws, Medical Resources. July 2016, Seville.
  • Planning and surgical techniques in orthognathic surgery, Dr. David González. June 2016, Seville.
  • Palatal fissure, Dr. Martín Romero. June 2016, Seville.
  • Agenesis of anterior teeth. About a case, Dr. Ana Beatriz Rivas. June 2016, Seville.
  • Alternative treatment with microimplants, Dr. Roberto Betancourt. June 2016, Seville.
  • Materials and procedures for indirect cementing in orthodontics Dr. Fernando Mongay. April 2016, Seville.
  • Orthodontics vs surgery Dr. Leonor Muelas. April 2016, Seville.
  • Orthodontics and aesthetics. Therapeutic possibilities, Dr. Javier Prieto. March 2016, Seville.
  • Class II corrector: Forsus, Dr. Fernando Mongay. February 2016, Seville.
  • Prevention and control of caries risk of orthodontic patients, Dr. Elena Cabrera. February 2016, Seville.
  • 15 years of Invisalign. An overview of the generations. Possibilities and limits, Dr. Boris Sonnenberg. February 2016, Seville.
  • Cementing procedures for brackets with 3M cements and aesthetic orthodontics with Clarity Advanced, patient and orthodontist needs, Dr. Fernando Mongay. January 2016, Seville.
  • Non-surgical treatment of cross bites in adults: methods, reality and limitations, Dr. Alberto Albaladejo. January 2016, Seville.


  • 23rd Winter Meeting of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics. November 2015, Madrid.
  • COS meeting, Ghent University, October 2015.
  • Mini implants in orthodontics, Dr. Martin Baxmann. September 2015, Seville.
  • Occlusal adjustment, occlusion in three dimensions, Dr. Vicente Jiménez. July 2015, Seville.
  • Lingual orthodontics: the orthodontics of the present, Dr. Pedro Álvarez-Gómez and Dr. María Dolores Campoy. June 2015, Seville.
  • “Early onset periodontal diseases, perio ortho rationals”, Dr. Buchmann. June 2015, Seville.
  • Treatment of adults: interdisciplinary approach, Dr. Javier Prieto and Dr. Fe Serrano. May 2015, Seville.
  • 61º Congress of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics, with presentation of the poster “Changes in the form of archway with Damon”. May 2015, Toledo.
  • New advances in osteogenic distraction in the field of orthodontics, Dr. Mario Menéndez. April 2015, Seville.
  • First Meeting of Alumni of the Master of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics. March 2015, Seville.
  • Lingual orthodontic treatment, Dr. Pablo Echarri. March 2015, Seville.
  • Practical workshop of indirect cementing, Dr. Eduardo Guevara. January 2015, Seville.


  • 22nd Winter Meeting of the Spanish Society of Orthodontics. November 2014, Madrid.


  • Practical theoretical course of advanced endodontics, restoration and aesthetics of the endodontic tooth. January 2013, Palma.


  • Basic concepts and update in oral surgery for the general dentist. December 2012, Palma.
  • 1st Week of Oral Health-Week of Oral Hygiene. April 2012, Madrid.


  • II AEMO Congress: “For a young smile”. April 2011, Faculty of Dentistry of the UCM.
  • Dentistry in the high performance athlete. March 2011, Madrid.


  • Spanish: Native.
  • English: Medium-high level. Cambridge Title First Certificate in English.
  • Catalan: High level. Certificate of proficiency level (level C).