Orthognathic surgery is the specialty that is responsible for correcting maxillofacialdeformities to achieve the perfect balance between all facial features of the patient. These types of facial alterations appear during the growth phase and stabilize when the patient’s growth is over.

If a patient, who is a candidate for orthognathic surgery goes to Clínica Ortigosa, the medical team will perform a complete face analysis.

Orthognathic surgery has a close relationship with orthodontics. Therefore, the correction of maxillofacial deformities is always part of a teamwork between orthodontist and the maxillofacial surgeon.
In the conventional treatment scheme, orthodontics-orthognathic surgery-orthodontics, the mission of presurgical orthodontics is to eliminate existing dental compensations and provide the surgeon with a stable and adequate structure between the upper and lower arches to carry out the planned skeletal movements. Meanwhile, post-surgical orthodontics is essential to establish proper final occlusion.

Maxillofacial surgeons are coordinated with the orthodontic team of Clínica Ortigosa. During the treatment of a case that requires orthognathic surgery, both professionals, maxillofacial surgeon and orthodontist, make sure they know the aspects essentials for diagnosis and treatment. In addition, the specialists will fully agree both on the proposed treatment and the way in which it will take place, so the patient feels confident and in professional hands.